About Our School

Congregation of Sisters of St.Annes’s Bangalore (SAB) was founded in the year 1857 in Bangalore. Our founder Rt.Rev. Bishop Louis Charbonaux who had the thirst for educating the less fortunate of the society entrusted to Sisters of St.Anne this noble task. This team of sisters are well known for their valuable contribution to the Nation in different fields like Education, Social Service, Medical & Pastoral works.

LOVE & SERVICE is the motto of our congregation. Our society is well established in India having around 160 centers. Our service is extended to other countries like U.S.A., Germany & Tansania.

St.Anne’s School Sulthanabad is dream come true. It is one among 200 School’s under St.Anne’s Educational Development Society in Andhra Pradesh managed by the Sisters of St.Anne Bangalore. It is situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh , Guntur Dist Tenali Town in Sulthanabad. It is situated in a pollution free atmosphere away from all the bustles of life. The campus is conducive to school for a school to be. It was established in the 2001. It has classes from Nursery to Xth . The school is recognized by the Gov. of A.P and Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi .Affiliation NO:130407. The school has sent out the student for the first batch CBSE Board examination 2017-18.Result of the same is CGPA: 11 students in all A+. Remaining 28 in first class .

St.Anne’s School “Educate to Empower” the weaker section of the society. The school adheres to the motto of Education must transform the whole person. Education of Three H’s is the true purpose of education of HEAD ,HEART & Hand . We spend time with children in building this areas 3 areas Expanding: Children’s creativity and to know and recognize their talents and to create opportunities to learn skills .

Equity : Education in St. Anne’s is inclusive and for all. Excellence: Not only give knowledge but build knowledge.

Employability: Me to We attitude with learn to serve. We tie up knowledge with activities. Value based education is the heart of Education in our campus. We also extend counseling facilities to the needed students.


The institution is managed by the Sisters of St.Anne Bangalore under St.Anne’s Educational Development Society Vijayawada. Its head office is at Vijayawada.


  • To offer high quality academic excellence and motivate for lifelong learning and critical & creative thinking
  • To provide child centric & activity based learning through holistic approach
  • To develop self esteem and respect for others
  • To strengthen spiritual values and develop moral character and personal discipline
  • To inculcate scientific approach and technological knowledge and promote efficiency
  • To create eco friendly attitude and work towards clean environment



Stirred by the wisdom of God and rooted in prayer through our mystical experience, we motivate our students to be promoters of justice, peace and unity and protectors of eco-system and impart Christian values to our students who are tip-toed and catapulted by the challenges of the World.


We the sisters of St.Anne , Bangalore of the sacred heart Province empowered by the Holy Spirit and inspired by the vision of our Founder envisaged to be Christo-Centric witness through our mystical union with the Lord are impelled to be the Prophetesses of today ,to preserve the Earth and transform the World by immersing in His Mission.